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An Exquisite Taste of Classic Whodunit: A Review of A Very English Murder by Verity Bright

A Very English Murder by Verity Bright is a charming, atmospheric mystery that provides an excellent escape into the British countryside of the 1920s. The protagonist, Lady Eleanor Swift, a spirited amateur detective, takes center stage, capturing readers’ hearts with her intelligence, bravery, and wit.

The story unfolds in the quaint village of Little Buckford, where Eleanor, the new Lady of Henley Hall, stumbles upon a murdered man during a dog walk. Armed with her curiosity and aided by her loyal butler, Clifford, she steps into the role of sleuth, navigating the intriguing labyrinth of suspects, motives, and clues.

Bright masterfully evokes the atmosphere of the 1920s, complete with all its charm and idiosyncrasies. The village’s picturesque setting, the era’s social intricacies, and the quintessential English country house all combine to create a perfectly cozy mystery.

The author’s writing is crisp and engaging, keeping readers hooked from the first page to the last. The plot is cleverly constructed, and its pacing is just right – a slow burn that keeps you guessing till the end.

A Very English Murder is a delightful read, blending elements of mystery, humor, and historical fiction. It is an absolute treat for lovers of classic English murder mysteries. It not only offers an intriguing whodunit but also a delightful journey back in time to an era that continues to fascinate.

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