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An Epic Conclusion: A Review of “Waybound” by Will Wight

A Bittersweet End

If you’ve ever become so engrossed in a series that you dread the moment you turn the last page, you’ll understand the way I approached “Waybound,” the twelfth and final installment of Will Wight’s Cradle series. The anticipation was tinged with a reluctance to say goodbye to the world and characters I’ve grown to love. Spoilers ahead!

Journey through the Cradle Series

The journey through the Cradle series has been nothing short of enthralling. With a deep world, a complex magic system, high-stakes action, and humor woven seamlessly throughout, it stands out even amongst its progression fantasy peers. Each new installment has been eagerly anticipated, devoured upon release, and then re-read in light of later revelations.

A Swirl of Epic Battles and Monumental Moments

In “Waybound,” Wight maintains his signature fast-paced storytelling. From the gripping prologue to the intense battles that span entire chapters, there is no shortage of adrenaline. Scenes such as Lindon’s duel with Shen and Ozriel’s echo defying three Monarchs stand as some of the series’ most impressive moments.

Characters and Their Growth

“Waybound” provides satisfying character growth and moments of triumph for each of our beloved characters. There is an innate joy in watching them push past their limits and reach new levels of power. Side characters also shine, and the Eight-man Empire’s commitment to a better world exemplifies the series’ recurring theme of hope.

An Emotional Yet Satisfying Conclusion

As the end approached, the tension was almost palpable. When Mercy finally grasped the seventh page of her book and when Yerin touched the Death Icon, I was at the edge of my seat. The eventual victory was nothing short of cathartic, a rewarding payoff for the long journey.

The Future

The final chapters leave us with intriguing glimpses of what’s next for our heroes and the larger world they inhabit. The formation of the Reaper division, Lindon’s sect, and the next steps against future Monarchs all hint at many exciting adventures yet to come.


As I close the final page of “Waybound,” it’s with a sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the journey, for the characters, for the world Wight has built, and for the opportunity to experience it all. The Cradle series may have ended, but its impact will undoubtedly continue to resonate.

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