Confronting Chaos: A Review of ‘Dreadgod’ in the ‘Cradle’ Series by Wil Wight

Wil Wight’s “Dreadgod” marks the eleventh entry in the well-loved “Cradle” series. While opinions of the book have varied, its significance lies in its role as a bridge towards the anticipated conclusion in the forthcoming book “Waybound.”

“Dreadgod” unfurls a narrative of cataclysmic proportions as the four Dreadgods wreak havoc across the Cradle universe. The Monarchs are forced to cast aside their rivalries to counter this monumental threat. Concurrently, the saga’s hero, Lindon, spurs his comrades to hasten their progression to amass the requisite strength to stand against the Dreadgods and Monarchs. The gravity of the situation is heightened by the echoes of a past Dreadgods’ war that resulted in the obliteration of the prior Monarch generation.

The book was remarkable for its thrilling action scenes that reverberated with earth-shattering intensity. The witticism, notably from Dross, was a delightful touch. The rapid pacing effectively underscored the crisis at hand. I found the deeper exploration of the Abidan intriguing, and the reappearance of characters from earlier in the series, coupled with the deeper probe into known characters like Eithan, enriched the plot.

However, the characters Ziel and Orthos were disappointingly underdeveloped, and the extent of Yerin’s power evolution was unclear. While the urgent pacing was warranted to some extent, a touch of tranquility could have enhanced the narrative experience.

“Dreadgod” is undeniably a consequential chapter in the “Cradle” series, even though it somewhat falls short of the lofty bar set by its forerunners. Nevertheless, it has done nothing to temper my enthusiasm for the ultimate chapter, “Waybound.”

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