On the Brink of Ascension: A Comprehensive Review of ‘Reaper’ in Will Wight’s Cradle Series

Unfurling Aftermaths and New Beginnings

Will Wight’s Cradle Series, a paragon of Western progression fantasy literature, sparked my initiation into the genre and remains unmatched. The narrative picks up the baton from “Bloodline” in “Reaper,” with Lindon having successfully evacuated Sacred Valley’s residents. Having achieved his primary goal, Lindon now faces a new quandary: What lies ahead?

Preparing for the Grand Finale

“Reaper” charts out the subsequent course for Lindon and his comrades and signals the series nearing its end. With a well-designed 12-book narrative arc for Cradle, Wight stays true to his original vision. This conviction becomes evident upon finishing “Reaper.”

Intertwining Destinies on Cradle

The planet Cradle serves as the backdrop for intertwined narratives involving Lindon’s crew and the god-like Abidan, including Suirel. From their accidental encounter in the series opener “Unsouled,” Lindon has embarked on a power-accumulating journey to ascend from Cradle and join the Abidan ranks.

“Reaper” places Lindon one step away from this ascent. It sets the stage for the characters’ ascension and weaves together the Abidan and Cradle storylines in unexpected ways. This blend, coupled with the impactful ending, hints at the ultimate storyline revolving around the Abidan, to be explored in book 12. Meanwhile, book 11, “Dreadgod,” will wrap up the Cradle narrative.

A Three-Part Journey Through “Reaper”

The book divides into three significant sections: pre-labyrinth, labyrinth, and post-labyrinth. Despite each phase being rich in narrative value, the pre-labyrinth part could have benefited from more length to enhance certain plot elements.

Life After the Valley

In the pre-labyrinth phase, Lindon’s and Yerin’s evolving relationship and Lindon’s family realizing his incredible nature were poignant moments. Lindon, Yerin, and Eithan’s power display during the Blackflame Emperor’s visit was a stunning reminder of their journey’s extent.

Mysteries and Battles of the Labyrinth

The labyrinth phase, centered in Sacred Valley, presents a flurry of action, plot twists, and character development. It gives enlightening insights into Ozriel’s past and stages some of the series’ most thrilling battles.

Revelations and Emotional Tides

The finale of “Reaper” is breathtaking, with emotions mirroring the world-changing events. This section stands out as a favorite and ranks among the top two endings in the entire series.

Crowning the Cradle Series

In comparison with other books in the series, “Reaper” trails only “Wintersteel” but overshadows the rest. It entices me to read the sequel immediately and revisit the entire series in light of new revelations.

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